Limb wrap belt for for adults 53 - 65 cm

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Knee, calf and elbow wrap can be used as warm to heat the body or cold to regenerate muscles and joints fast.

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Limb wrap belt for for adults 53 - 65 cm
[01] Color: Blue
Price: 22,00 €
Limb wrap belt for for adults 53 - 65 cm
[02] Color: Green
Price: 22,00 €

Product description: Limb wrap belt for for adults 53 - 65 cm

Helps in:

  • joint and muscle pain
  • growing pains in children, particularly in the knee area
  • treatment of post-traumatic conditions such as fractures
  • rheumatic diseases
  • phlebitis (cold compress or healing ointments)
  • muscle fatigue after exercise

Product Parameters

Color: Blue, Green
Gender: Adults
Structure: 100% Cotton
Inside: 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% polyurethane
Material: 100% Cotton
Size: 53 - 65 cm, height 28 cm
Fastening: Velcro
Part of the wrap is the inner part - the material: 100% cotton - flannel


The knee, calf and elbow wrap is used for knee and elbow joints pain, especially for knee pain, for pain due to excessive muscular overload, or for the treatment of post-traumatic conditions such as fractures. The wrap can also help in the treatment of inflammations in the joints, tendons and muscles of the muscles.

How to prepare Priessnitz's tile correctly:
- immerse the inner part of the wrapping belt in cold water or in a positive bath
- properly wring out
- Thread the wetted part into the wrapping belt
- wrap the belt around the affected area and fasten with a velcro fastener

Priessnitz's cladding is a cold sealing tile applied to the surface of a certain part of the body in order to achieve blood circulation and thereby accelerate healing processes in the body.
Characterized in that it consists of three layers (1, 2, 3), wherein the topsheet (1) forms a strip of 100% cotton and an antiallergic fleece, the lower layer (3) forms a removable insert of weak absorbent material, a layer (3) and a topsheet (1) is provided with a middle layer (2), the impermeable part of the strip ensuring the water impermeability of the material and at the same time maintaining the heat.


Natural wraps should not be placed in places infected by inflammation, badly healing wounds, or skin diseases (eczema, etc.).