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Rhinitis and colds

Coldness is a disease of the upper respiratory tract. The most common symptoms are sneezing, runny nose, blocked nose, sore throat, headache, sometimes elevated temperature, or fever, cough, or soreness.

Rhinitis is one of the most common diseases, it is an acute inflammation of the nasal cavity. Most often, this disease is caused by viruses. When inhaled, the viruses penetrate into the nose and settle on its mucous membranes, where they multiply and cause inflammation.

To alleviate the difficulties, we recommend a neck wrap and a wrist wrap in Priessnitz's wrap:

  1. insert the inside of the wrapping belt into the cold water (the inner part should be properly wrung)
  2. the tiling can be improved with other medicinal ingredients and thus a more effective wrap (eg the inner part of the belt or the skin can be rubbed with herbal oil, the gel or the inner part of the bath to the herb bath)
  3. Thread the inner part into the wrap band of the ovine belt to the affected area and fasten with a velcro fastener



Further use of the wrapping belt:

  • You can also put the chopped onion in the sewed pocket on the neck when applying the wrapper. The onions gradually release the essential oils, which induce mucus release and easier breathing. This natural antibiotic also destroys viruses and bacteria.
  • You can also put in the pockets of crushed garlic cloves, which also have antibacterial effects, and also act as onions effectively as a natural antibiotic.
  • Spread the wrapping belt with aromatherapeutic, pure natural oil. Again, the inhalation of healing essential oils and hence the acceleration of treatment occurs. Suitable in these cases are, for example, mint, eucalyptus and the like.


In humans, the temperature is considered to be higher than 38 ° C. A body temperature above 37 ° C is called an elevated temperature. Artificially reducing fever is only appropriate if it exceeds a certain threshold (sometimes referred to as 39 ° C) or if it takes too long.

To reduce fever, if you choose, we recommend using our Neck, Chest and Foot Wraps (packs) in the form of Priessnitz Wrap:

  1. insert the inner part of the wrapping belt into the cold water (the inner part should be properly wrung). The wrapper is not part of the inner liner. Wet socks are sufficient for this purpose.
  2. Insert the recessed cladding back into the wrapping belt.
  3. Sew the band to the affected area and fasten it with a velcro fastener.

Wrappers are especially used in children to reduce high fever, cold and cold, but also during swollen limbs and in rheumatic trouble as a cold wrap.
When lowering fever, we recommend adding a few drops of vinegar or lemon to the water into which you soak the socks to increase the effect.
Octal wrap:

- Soak socks in lukewarm water diluted with vinegar - 1 part vinegar / 5 parts water
- Warm up well
- Pull the slippers over the socks
- Leave for about 15 minutes.
Important - never use cold feet when the limbs are warm enough!



Rhinitis and colds

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