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Pain in the kidney

If we have weakened kidneys, the most frequent manifestation is excessive urination, especially during the night, also we can experience pain in the lumbar region.

For kidneys, it is very important that they keep warm, so it is advisable to use warm dry tiles.

You can help wrap your chest, abdomen, back and hip along with buckwheat or cherry pads.

  1. The inner part (cladding), which is part of the wrap, should be left aside (if necessary, heat the inner removable cover).
  2. Heat 2 buckwheat or cherry pillows to a temperature that will be tolerable for your body. We recommend using a conventional oven rather than a microwave for this purpose (only 1 pillow in the case of a child's pack, the child's wrap only has 1 pocket).
  3. Put the heated pads in the pocket sewn inside the wrapping belt.
  4. Put the prepared kidney wrap on your back, fasten it with a velcro and allow yourself a warm wrap as long as possible.

Pain in the kidney

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