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Cervical spine pain

Pain accompanies stiffness of the neck and neck muscles. After long overloading, the cervical spine can be blocked.

For better blood circulation and pain relief, we recommend using our Neck & Neck wrap in Priessnitz tile. You can also see an instructional video in which you will learn how to use the wrap properly.

Using the wrapping belt:

  • insert the inside of the wrapping belt into the cold water (the inner part should be properly wrung)
  • the tiling can be improved with other medicinal ingredients and thus a more effective wrap (eg the inner part of the belt or the skin can be rubbed with herbal oil, the gel or the inner part of the bath to the herb bath)
  • you will pass the inner part into the wrapping belt
  • ovine the belt to the affected area and fasten with a velcro fastener

Further use of the wrapping belt:

Pain in the cervical spine and neck muscles can be dampened and possibly removed by warm dry tiles.

For this purpose, the neck and neck wrapper will be great for you, along with a long heated buckwheat or cherry pillow.


How to apply a neck wrap?

  1. In this case, leave the inner removable part of the wrapper aside.
  2. Heat the buckwheat or cherry cushion at the highest temperature that will be tolerable for your body. Place the heated cushion into the wrap under the underwear under the taped seams on the inside of the wrap.
  3. Wrap this way in the trouble area, fasten it with a velcro fastener and indulge in a warm wrap for as long as it is pleasant. Repeat as needed.


When using a pillow with cherry stone, the neck can be evenly thawed. Just by gentle circular motions, pass the hand over the warm-lining applied in this way.

Using a pillow - HEAT:


The heated peels release a pleasant smell. Buckwheat gently massages the cervical spine.

The pillow with the buckwheat keeps on itself, heating in the el. oven and microwave oven is not recommended.

If necessary, heat the cushion only to the heater or to the low temperature setting by the iron.

Cherry blossoms

Heated cherry blossoms release a pleasant scent, gently massaging and heating the cervical spine for a long time.

Heat cushion:

  • in an oven for not more than 10 minutes at 150 ° C
  • in the microwave oven for 1.30 minutes at 400W

Warning: Do not leave unattended when heating - danger of overheating.

Cervical spine pain

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