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Priessnitz's wrap

Priessnitz's tiles were invented by Vinzenz Priessnitz, the founder of hydrotherapy. Thanks to it, hydrotherapy procedures have spread across Europe. Wraps that carry its name are commonly recommended by GPs to their patients as well.

What good is Priessnitz's tile?

It is a cold seal that is applied locally to the affected site in order to achieve increased blood circulation and hence accelerate healing processes in the body.

It is used in a number of diseases - angina, cold, laryngitis, fever (above 38 degrees Celsius), chest pain with dry irritable cough, joints in rheumatic conditions, relaxation of skeletal muscle and other occasions.

It is applied not only to the neck and chest, but also to the joints (knee, shoulder, elbow ...). Helps in the treatment of joint diseases, relieves joint pain, releases hypertonus of the muscles around the joint, also helps in the treatment of inflammatory processes in the joint structures, tendons and muscles of the muscles.

The wrap also improves circulation (for example, thrombosis), works well for subcutaneous hematoma (bruising) and swelling (faster absorption), relaxation of muscle tension or joint discharge or muscle aches.

How to prepare Priessnitz's tiling

Apply a cloth soaked in cold water on the skin first and press it firmly against it. Apply a waterproof layer, such as a plastic, which must extend the wet fabric in all directions. Thanks to it, it gets wet. The last layer consists of a dry cloth, such as a scarf or scarf.

With our wrapping strips, you will simplify this activity because the products are already made on the basis of Priessnitz's tiling.

Three layers of Priessnitz's classic tiling are combined into one. The upper part is made of cotton knit, the next layer is a warm part, followed by a breathable but water-impermeable membrane, and it closes the fine terry. An indispensable part is the inner soleplate, a removable insert of fine flannel.

Leave the wrapper for at least 1 hour. Ideal exposure time is 2 to 3 hours. Under the cold cladding, the temperature decreases in the first few minutes at the site of action and there is a narrowing of the blood vessels. Following the isothermal phase, the temperature stabilizes within 30 to 40 minutes and the vessels expand. The last degree is local overheating at the site of exposure, which occurs within 60 to 80 minutes. After 2 to 3 hours, the tile should be removed and recommissioning is recommended after a 3-4 hour break.

This is how we can proceed until the symptoms disappear.

Do not let it work overnight !! The wrap should also not be placed on infected sites, poorly healing wounds, skin eczema, and so on. In the case of wrapping in small children, it is better to first consult a doctor.

Furthermore, we have selected envelopes enriched with an inner pocket, which you can use for example for putting warm cherry pillows, herbs, onions or other supportive care.

Priessnitz's wrap is suitable for:

  • angina
  • Fever - above 38 ° C
  • dry and irritable cough
  • bronchitis
  • sore throat
  • cold
  • joint pain - rheumatic complaints
  • muscle fatigue
  • growth pain in children
  • skeletal muscle pain
  • leakage in the joints of the limbs
  • muscle weakness of the limbs
  • pharyngitis - inflammation of the pharynx
  • laryngitis - inflammation of the larynx
  • subcutaneous hematoma and swelling - faster absorption
  • thromboses - improving blood circulation

Priessnitz's wrap

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