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Wrap belts

Wrap belts are great to be used as a Priessnit´z wrap. It is recognized as a unique supplement to medical treatment and rehabilitation. Versatile wrap belts are produces in various sizes, for both children and adults. There are versatile wraps intended for neck, nape, shoulder joint, breasts, elbows, belly, back, hips and knees. We also offer wrap slippers both for children and adults, wrap gloves, BIO pads.

                                                                Production is provided by BOK & LK s.r.o., Jana Švermy 6, Kadaň, 432 01

                                                                                              CIN: 28731417, TIN: CZ28731417

Solely high quality  materials of Czech manufacturers , certified to be suitable for children up to the age of 3 years, are used for our wrap belts. As regards the uniqueness, all products are handmade.


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