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Versatile doggie suit

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Wraps and compresses provide relief not only for people, they might be useful for our dogs as well.

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Versatile doggie suit
[01] Size: Size 1
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Versatile doggie suit
[02] Size: Size 2
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Versatile doggie suit
[03] Size: Size 3
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Product description: Versatile doggie suit

Versatile suit can be used:
1) as a bad weather clothing due to to outer waterproof layer and inner layer

2) as a traditional Priessnit´z wrap - dog suit includes three layers of Priessnit´z compress in one layer. Inner soaking layer, removable flannel lining is included.

3) as a hot or cold compress -  inner lining of suit includes several pockets fitting to different body parts. Pockets contain herbal or gel pads, chilled or heated, depending on type of disease.

Product Parameters

Color: Black with printing of paws
Gender: Pets - dogs
Structure: Outer layer: 100% polyester
Core: 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% polyurethane inner layer: 100% cotton - terry
Inner lining: 100% cotton - flannel
Fastener: Velcro tape
Size: There is a drawstring in the entire length of belt enables size adjustement.
Size 1: length 34 cm - drawn to 20 cm, circumference 40 - 50 cm
Size 2: length 54 cm - drawn to 40 cm, circumference 55 - 80 cm
Size 3: length 70 cm - drawn to 50 cm, circumference 65 - 95 cm
Fastening: Velcro
Part of the wrap is the inner part - the material: 100% cotton - flannel


Priessnit´z wraps for dogs

Wraps and compresses impact  positively on people as well as our dogs. Wrap is comprised of a cloth that covers a certain part of the body. It can be either hot, cold or dry, wet.

Especially Priessnit´z wraps, became famous by Vincenz Priessnitz in 19th century, are widely known.  Wraps help to remedy pains, inflammation, fever, skin diseases, muscle tension and act on the vegetative nervous system.

  1. Our suits are fastened properly to prevent from removing accidentaly. Make sure wrap is not overly tight. Open wounds and skin chafe contraindicate in wraps. Pay attention cerefully to whether the wraps affect your dog positively.  It is considered wrap contributes to dog´s relaxation and calming. Provided that dog seems to be anxious and stressed, remove the wrap immediately. The main principle is the wrap must be pleasing to your dog. In addition, cold water must not be applied to cold skin. Dog must not feel the cold.
  2. This dog suit is wearable comfortably in bad weather due to outer waterproof layer .

Types of wraps:

Hot wraps: help blood perfusion and  heating through the upper skin layers, heat relieves chronic joint pain, pain of digestive diseases, most types of sore throat inflammation, urethra inflammation and colic.

Instructions: As heat escapes rapidly from hot wraps, work quickly. It is best to preheat even the cloth intended for wrap (using iron, heater).  Wring the inner cloth properly after soaking it in infusion or tea with medicinal herbs (yarrow, chamomile). Sample necessarily on your forearm if the wrap is not too hot. Place it quickly and avoid folds. Leave the wrap 15 to 30 minutes and remove until it cools. Keep the affected area warm using our suit, without lining. It is beneficial if the heat fades gradually. It is not recommended to use hot wrap more than twice a day.

Hot wraps:  Warming is rather relevant than thermal irritation in terms of body temperature wraps.

Cold wraps: Cold wrap effects differently depending on duration of action. Blood vessels are constricted  when the wrap is applied longer – at least 20 minutes.  It is desirable in case of bleeding reduction, e.g. haematoma. Cold wraps prove sucessfully as an effective way to reduce pains and inflammation in an acute state. Cold ensures that inflammation does not spread further and swelling cease. Cold is also highly effective in pains. Wrap should drain excess body heat in case of fever. Wet and heated wraps serve the best. It stands to reason that our grandmothers used to swear to calf wraps. Provided that the effect of cold is short and intensive, reactive blood circulation, i.e. warm-up, with stimulating effect occur. Cold wraps can be applied several times a day.

Important notice: apply cold wraps solely to warm skin!

Cold or hot wraps?

The decision whether cold or hot wraps are used depends on the existing experience and positive impact on the patient (dog). Hot and cold wraps are a highly effective  treatment of stretched muscles,  nerve pain, back pain, stiffness in old dogs and  chronic pain. Cold compresses reduce acute inflammatory pain and are suitable for sprains, acute sore throat, burns, insect stings. Cherry pit pad is also highly recommended. Generally speaking, acute processes require rather cold wraps, whereas chronic diseases require hot wraps. Since dogs are not able to speak, they need to be scrutinized properly.

Active ingredients: teas from medical herbs serve effectively (e.g. chamomile, yarrow, buckwheat),  tinctures, ointment, seeds, oils and fresh leaves. Pay attention to quality and cleanliness of  initial material. Alternatively, warm gel pads or cherry pit pad can be used to keep wrap hot. Put pads into the sewed pockets of inner part according to the affected area. Fasten the wraps using velcro.

Some useful wraps:

Chamomile wrap: A hot chamomile tea wrap is especially beneficial for abdominal pain. It relieves pains and cramps and causes relaxation. Pour a half litre of boiling water over two teaspoon of chamomile flowers and leave to stand  for about eight to ten minutes.  Immerse the inner cloth in chamomile tea and wring thoroughly. Apply the wrap to belly and cover with outer cloth.

Bags with buckwheat and other grass meadow flowers: these bags represent hot dry wrap. They prove to be useful for muscle and joint pains. Provided that you do not want to make the bags by yourself, buy buckwheat one from us and other bags are available in pharmacies and bio-shops. Heat bag in hot water steam, apply to affected area and cover with our versatile suit.  Dry the bag properly after each use to prevent herbs from mould.

Information are drawn from a book „Hausapotheke für Hunde“, written by Heike Achner, holistic veterinary healer, phytotherapists and aromatherapists. Tips and procedures mentioned in the book  have been veterinary proven.


Neck wrap – wet inner wrap must not extend  to the nape to prevent from muscle strain.